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Focused on the future

As LEWA Attendorn, we are engaged in Empowering the Future. Since our foundation in 1928, it has been in our DNA to strengthen our customers through training of skilled trades, applying our manufacturing expertise, and sharing our passion for new technology.

Human Centricity

Promoting and bundling knowledge, experience, skills, talents, team spirit. This is our basis for turning ideas into unique solutions.

Learning organization

Give specialists, technicians, designers and engineers the opportunity to develop with each project. In addition, promote future talent.

Focus innovation

Breaking new ground, creating opportunities, testing and realising ideas. Part of our daily work is to question the status quo in order to become better.

Best in class

Our standards are high in all areas of the company. EMPOWERING FUTURE is our drive to break through boundaries.

Customer focus

Understanding customer projects. To this end, we think and work intensively and individualize solutions to the maximum. This generates benefits and added value.


Humans and technology

We are a traditional and progressive company. Our drive: Shaping the future with technical thinking and the means of technology. For the companies that benefit from our solutions and for the people we train and enable to create something special.

The company

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LEWA Attendorn

Who we are, how we think, what we achieve.


Regionally anchored, internationally positioned.


Loving and living technology, shaping the future.

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Focused on the future


The fastest welding and joining systems in the world. Completely from one source with top speed and top performance.


In order to be able to work for you with maximum efficiency, we concentrate on our core competencies in machining: 5-axis CNC milling, CNC boring mill machining, 3-axis CNC milling, CNC turning


Developing talents and skills, passing on know-how and expertise. Our core idea is: Human centricity.