This training position will not be filled for 2023

Technical product designer

expected free from 2024  / Training

Occupational definition

Technical product designers specialising in machine and system design are involved in the development of systems and machines. They create three-dimensional data models and technical documentation for components and assemblies.


  • At least good secondary school leaving certificate or (technical) university entrance qualification
  • Interest in scientific subjects
  • Good spatial imagination
  • Fun with drawing

Training info

  • 3.5 years of training
  • Part-time instruction
  • Vocational College Technology Siegen

Type. Working areas

  • Mechanical and electrical design
  • Product design and construction (mechanical and plant engineering)

Main topics

  • Create and apply technical documents
  • Plan and design plant components and products with 3D CAD software
  • Develop products, from design to calculation of components
  • Distinguish and select materials and assembly techniques
  • Carry out orders in a project-oriented manner
  • Make test runs and optimise your designs