Start of training: 01.09.2023

Mechatronics technician

01.09.2023 / Training

Occupational definition

As a mechatronics technician, you build mechanical and electronic components or assemble them into complex systems. The installation of the associated control software is also part of your field of activity.You will become an expert in robot programming and control the motion sequences of the handling robots in our systems and machines. After completion of the robot system and reassembly at the customer's site, you will put it into operation there.


  • At least secondary school leaving certificate
  • Interest in mathematics, physics and technology
  • Independent action
  • Motivation and commitment
  • Ability to work in a team

Training info

2-stage training: 3 years industrial mechanic and 2.5 years electronics technician for industrial engineering.

  • Training duration 5.5 years
  • 1st apprenticeship Collectively agreed apprenticeship pay
  • 2nd training skilled worker remuneration (EG 6)
  • Block instruction (industrial mechanic) and part-time instruction (electronics technician for industrial engineering)
  • Vocational college of the Olpe district in Attendorn and Lennestadt

Type. Working areas

  • Robot system technology
  • Jig and fixture construction
  • Electronics workshop mechanical engineering (switching and control systems)

Main topics

See "Industrial mechanic" and "Electronics technician for operating technology".

Further education

  • Master craftsman in metal or electrical engineering
  • Master precision mechanic/electrical engineering technician
  • State-certified technician, specialising in mechanical or electrical engineering
  • Technical specialist
  • Study