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Create system settings and robot programs with the Teach Pendant Editor (TPE)

for employees from robot programming


Training topics

  • Occupational safety according to current EN/ISO
  • Basic and network settings
  • Structure and operation of the menus
  • Setting of tool and user coordinates
  • Creating and setting up TPE programs
  • Programming with the standard instruction set
  • Programming with standard traverse instructions
  • Testing TPE programs
  • Setting up program start options
  • Configure I/O level (no bus systems)
  • Troubleshooting in program structure
  • Payload Ident (payload) settings
  • Data backup

Training duration

5 days

Previous knowledge

Very good programming knowledge of other robot manufacturers

Training locations

  • On the premises of LEWA Attendorn GmbH (by arrangement)
  • On your premises (by arrangement)


  • Course contents can be included on request, if the size of the group allows it.

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