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Gut ausbilden

Challenging and encouraging young people

LEWA Attendorn was founded in 1928 as an apprentice training facility. Since then, one focus of our work has been the training of young employees of other companies in the industrial-technical field. Every year, around 220 apprentices undergo individual training courses or complete years of theoretical and practical training with us. The advantage: our experience as a training specialist, our knowledge and our complete, modern infrastructure.


Keeping training staff as well as training workshops, training technology and seminar rooms up to date is an investment that we take over for you.


Training is an effort that is important, but also ties up resources. All training steps that we take over for you relieve your personnel department as well as your skilled workers in production.


As a training specialist, we operate at the cutting edge of technology and invest in equipment and didactics in order to provide up-to-date, well-founded training and optimised preparation for examinations.


Our modular course programs provide you with the training support you need for your company. This helps you to design your training concept flexibly and to close gaps at any time.

Practical orientation

As a plant and mechanical engineer as well as a machining specialist, we manufacture ourselves and there is a lot to do. The trainees are involved in practice right from the start. This teaches them to "think outside the box".

Industry 4.0

As an international automation specialist with our own IT and software department, we live and breathe digitalisation and make concrete use of the opportunities offered by Industry 4.0. This is also reflected in our training.

On site

Not just anywhere, but in the middle of the medium-sized business and industrial region of South Westphalia. Short distances and close cooperation make us a valuable cooperation partner in the region.


State of the art

Yes, we have apprentices working on workpieces. Also. That's the only way to understand what precision in the hundredths range means. In addition, we rely on state-of-the-art technology. Take a look at our training workshops, laboratories and seminar rooms. For example, our trainees learn precise welding using augmented reality. The CNC machining centres for learning are smaller than those in production, but just as up-to-date. We invest and modernize continuously to show our trainees the way to the future right from the start.


Experience plus empathy

Those who pass on knowledge and skills during their training with us know what they are doing. Our trainers have practical experience and are in close contact with our specialists in production, construction and administration. The close relationship to practice is continuously guaranteed, whereby we keep up with the times in terms of content and didactics. Beyond the technical aspects, we have an attitude and a mission that we live up to. Enabling the future. We keep an eye on each and every trainee in order to be able to challenge and promote talents and abilities. Empathy is also important for this.


Machine technology


  • Turning technology basics and deepening
  • Milling technology basics and deepening
  • CNC basics and deepening
  • Preparation for intermediate and final exams


Control technology


  • Hydraulics
  • Proportional hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • Electropneumatics
  • Preparation for intermediate and final exams


Basic technology


  • Basics of metal technology
  • Metrology
  • Gear technology
  • Technical drawing
  • Preparation for intermediate and final exams


Welding technology


  • Oxyfuel technology: brazing/gas welding/flame cutting
  • Manual arc welding: Electrode welding/MIG/MAG/WIG
  • Virtual welding
  • Preparation for intermediate and final exams


Electrical technology


  • Electrical Engineering Basics and Advanced
  • Automation technology
  • Drive technology
  • Electrical board
  • IT technology
  • Control engineering
  • LOGO
  • Measurement technology
  • Protective measures
  • Sensor technology
  • Preparation for intermediate and final exams


Always responsive

You have a question, are facing a challenge, need information or would simply like to get to know LEWA Attendorn. Give us a call or send us an email! One of our specialists is there for you and will be happy to help you.

Camp & Kurse

What we offer in concrete terms

A wide range of training courses as well as an introduction to the subject of technology for children and young people in our technology camps.

Training courses

Our modular course program for apprenticeships.

Technique Camp

Exciting technology projects for students from 7th to 11th grade.