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Advanced training to acquire basic knowledge of the robot and process structure of SpeedLine systems

for employees in plant operation, plant management, maintenance, programming and project management

Training topics

  • Occupational safety according to current EN/ISO
  • Working with multirobot system
  • Creating a robot program in a multi-robot system
  • Program structure SpeedLine (Attention: no "coordinate motion")
  • Create and test multitasking programs
  • Activate processes (gluing, spot welding, gas-shielded welding) in the program, reference to existing data lists and used data in the SpeedLine
  • Programming parameter transfer - programs for the respective processes: Spot welding, gas shielded welding, gluing, etc.
  • Parameter transfer, working with macro lists (arguments)
  • Robot programs according to standard LEWA Attendorn (program header)
  • Synchronization of parallel running robot programs within a controller and between cooperating systems
  • Initialize workspaces
  • Overview gripper maintenance SpeedGun
  • Mastering SpeedGun
  • Checking SpeedGun gripper force
  • general questions and topics around the system

Training duration

2,5 days

Previous knowledge

  • "Speedline Spot Welding - Operating and Programming"


  • "Fanuc Robot - Operation and Programming"

Training locations

  • On the premises of LEWA Attendorn GmbH (by arrangement)
  • On your premises (by arrangement)

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