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Our goal was to make spot welding significantly faster and more efficient. Because there were no adequate solutions "off the shelf", we developed them ourselves and packed in as many advantages as possible.

Extremely light and agile


Why is the SpeedGun so much faster? Because it is so light. This means it can be used with a highly dynamic robot. Additional speed is provided by the powerful servo motor integrated in the robot controller, which opens and closes the gun extremely quickly. The time saved in automated spot welding is immense.


Not less than benchmark


With the SpeedCell, our developers have succeeded in fully exploiting the advantages of the SpeedLine products (SpeedGun, SpeedFrame, SpeedGate) in a very small space. This makes it the fastest and most compact spot welding cell in the world.


Parts feed in under 2 seconds


With our SpeedFrame rotary table, we have also succeeded in making part changes extremely fast. With a load of 2 x 500 kg, the table feeds unprocessed parts into the cell in less than 2 seconds and the SpeedGun can start again at high speed.


Multitool Positioner


Our patented solution for cost-effective, flexible and setup-free manufacturing with a minimal footprint.

Suitable for multi-processes or setup-free manufacturing of a wide variety of processes.