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TURNKEY solutions


Your machining solution: designed for cost, chip and point accuracy

You get exactly THE machining solution for your needs from us - from the stand-alone machine to the highly automated production line - which pays off for you and which optimally implements your requirements as a series manufacturer. Because we are machining and automation specialists, we have the know-how and expertise to completely perfect your systems or your production with added value for you.

In accordance with the principles of EFFECTIVENESS "Doing the right things" and EFFICIENCY "Doing things right", we develop the exact machining solution for your needs. Using modern engineering methods such as simultaneous engineering, we design and scale your machining solution so that the required quality is achieved in the best possible cycle time. Our engineers and developers design each individual process step with the appropriate components in a process-safe manner. In doing so, we calculate exactly how to reconcile investment costs and the best possible unit labour costs. You get the machining solution that is process-safe, reliable and runs with maximum efficiency. We can't override physics and mechanics - but we can push them to their maximum limits for your benefit! We have proven that we can do this in many successfully completed projects in the automotive segment and in general industry worldwide.

Your advantages

Intelligently automated

Material flow and handling concepts are designed via the integrated applications to achieve the required output and validated using modern simulation methods.

Project size

Everything is possible

From the economical individual operation of a stand-alone cell to the completely clocked processing line with many individual stations for different product variants and 100% automation. We develop exactly the system that makes the most sense for your production. The design and integration of downstream processes such as deburring, cleaning, measuring and testing into the overall process are also part of our TURNKEY range of services.

Applications, materials...

A wide range of projects

Our systems are tailored to a wide variety of machining operations on a wide range of materials and parts from many industries. In combination with our engineering, we see hardly any limits in the individual design.

Mechanical processing

The spectrum of mechanical machining (milling, drilling and thread cutting/forming) covers everything from simple 3-axis to highly complex 5-axis simultaneous machining.

Material competence

All conventional materials, plus especially materials increasingly used in modern vehicle and lightweight construction:

  • General steel grades

  • High strength steels

  • Forged steels

  • Cast irons

  • Aluminium die casting

  • Sinter "green compact"

  • Metal injection moulding (MIM)

  • Plastics

Component spectrum

Our customers include well-known Tier1 suppliers who manufacture drive components (powertrain: e-drive and combustion engine) for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Our focus here is on machining solutions for engine and transmission components.


Consistent and sustainable

Our quality management system (according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015) is not only implemented throughout, it is also lived sustainably. Nothing enters our company and nothing leaves our company that does not meet our own very high quality standards. Quality has several meanings for us: First of all, it concerns the products that we manufacture and the systems that we develop, build and commission for you. It is also about the traceable quality of the products that you manufacture with our systems and machining solutions. Only because we think and implement quality from A to Z and beyond our factory gates can we offer you the reliability and longevity of our automated machining solutions that give you the decisive edge in the market.

Assembly & Commissioning

TURNKEY solutions

We design the cell for you, assemble it, test it. If everything runs perfectly, we pack the cell, bring it to the installation site, assemble it, put it into operation, hand it over and can provide ongoing support and service.


According to DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015

Audits are always a welcome opportunity for us to put our processes and quality optimisation measures to the test. We  strive to continuously improve.

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DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015 Englisch

Trainings & courses

Transfer of know-how into practice

We want you to be able to use and access the full performance as well as the full potential built into our systems and the components used. With training & education, we show you how to operate the systems safely and efficiently. Our course program is modular and ranges from introductory courses to expert courses and customer-specific training.

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